RespectYourElders in Tahoe

This summer some bros and I hit the studio in Portland to lay down some tunes for the “Respect Your Elders” soundtrack. There are a couple of premiers for the movie going on in Tahoe next week and for the Truckee premier the same bros and I are gonna play those same tunes live on stage. So if you are gonna be in South Lake Tahoe the night of the 27th or Truckee the night of the 28th, come out and have a blast. The movie is gonna be awesome and the music…. is gonna be questionable. Party on!


Tour De Tahoe

If you enjoy bike riding and happen to find yourself in the greater Lake Tahoe area then you are in luck. There are a million and one bike rides to do but there is one particular ride that out beauties them all. That my friends is the Tour De Tahoe. A 72mile ride around the perimeter of Lake Tahoe. You can start from any part of the lake and you can go in any direction. I recommend going clockwise, that way you are riding right on the edge of the big blue beauty. Here’s a map of the ride, I did it yesterday and it was such a blast! Party on!
Click here for the mapTahoe Loop Clockwise


Chile Pt.2

Just was reminiscing on the beautiful mountains and dogs of Chile. So here’s a few photos for all you mountain and dog lovers out there. Hopefully these make you want to climb the next mountain you see and pet the next dog you come across. Party on and enjoy!

Comida de Chile

I just got back from the K2 Chile trip and holy cow I’ve got a lot of photos. I’ve sorted through them and organized them into three categories. The first blog installment is all about food. The food in Chile is mostly simple dishes. Not very much spice or a ton of flavor but it’s always fresh. There main industry is produce so the fruit and vegetables are plentiful and I finally get to eat palta (avocado) at pretty much every meal which is always a dream of mine. Also if you like yourself some meat, the beef in South America is top notch and a staple of their cuisine. I found the most common dishes you will find are meat and potato style plates, sandwiches filled with meat and guacamole, delicious breads, as well as classics form all over the world (Pizza, Crepes, Hot Dogs, etc.) All in all the food is tasty, it’s definitely not exotic by any means, but it’s delicious and nutritious! Here’s some food photo’s…enjoy!

Mtn. Biking Rules

Session 5 at High Cascade I took the Japanese campers on a mountain biking adventure. Its was amazing! Most of them had never been mountain biking before. There were some tears, some blood, and some mud but everyone finished with a smile on there face! Here’s a little video showcasing the extremenesss…enjoy!

Mtn Biking Rules! from Tim Eddy on Vimeo.

Babes On Blades

“Snowrunners, best sport ever made!” Direct quote by the inventor of sports. Enjoy this movie and get inspired.

Babes on Blades from Tim Eddy on Vimeo.

Unicorn Food

High Cascade is magical place for many reasons. One of them being a little place called Unicorn Food. It’s where culinary dreams come true in the form of delicious paninis, baked treats, and refreshing beverages. I’ve been helping out there after boarding along side manager Hannah Fuller. If you find yourself in Government Camp stop by and taste the magic! Enjoy these tasty photos…

Think Thank RBLB – By Timothy Eddy

Think Thank hit High Cascade the other night with a most excellent premier of the new movie “Right Brain Left Brain.” The stadium(HCSC Skate Bowls) was packed with with viewers of all ages shapes and sizes. Every rider in the movie except maybe two or three were there all ready to see the video for the first time. The movie is a journey through the brain of Think Thank. There is two discs…a right brain and a left brain. Both discs are about 25 minutes or so and both discs are jam packed action. The right brain has the more “creative” riding and the left brain has the more “stock” riding but “stock” is a stretch as far as Think Thank goes. It’s all freestyle boarding at its finest. All in all the video was thoroughly enjoyed by the viewers and was highly entertaining. Thanks Think Thank and thanks High Cascade for a most triumphant evening of entertainment. Party on!

Screen Shot! I'd put the whole video up on dudetube but I'd probably get arrested.

Screen Shot! I'd put the whole video up on dudetube but I'd probably get arrested.

Studio – By Timothy Eddy

Airblaster is making a movie titled “Respect Your Elders” and in that movie is a soundtrack. The sweetest thing about that soundtrack is that it is gonna be all completely original tracks. Airblaster rented out a recording studio and so we could jam our faces off and make some tunes that would be awesome edited to some snowboardin. After many hours of blood sweat and tears we had some tracks laid down ready to go. Just a couple more studio sessions and the soundtrack will be donions!

Lap Park Life

It’s midway through session 2 here at High Cascade Snowboard Camp and life couldn’t be better up here, especially the lap park life. The lap park is a snowboard park with jumps, hips, rails, and a chairlift which makes it perfect for hot laps. I took a run through the lap park at the end of today with a go-pro camera attached to my head and here’s a first hand experience of what it was like. Enjoy!

Lap Park from Tim Eddy on Vimeo.