Studio – By Timothy Eddy

Airblaster is making a movie titled “Respect Your Elders” and in that movie is a soundtrack. The sweetest thing about that soundtrack is that it is gonna be all completely original tracks. Airblaster rented out a recording studio and so we could jam our faces off and make some tunes that would be awesome edited to some snowboardin. After many hours of blood sweat and tears we had some tracks laid down ready to go. Just a couple more studio sessions and the soundtrack will be donions!

Lap Park Life

It’s midway through session 2 here at High Cascade Snowboard Camp and life couldn’t be better up here, especially the lap park life. The lap park is a snowboard park with jumps, hips, rails, and a chairlift which makes it perfect for hot laps. I took a run through the lap park at the end of today with a go-pro camera attached to my head and here’s a first hand experience of what it was like. Enjoy!

Lap Park from Tim Eddy on Vimeo.

Mt. Hood Snowpack

I’m here reporting live from Mt. Hood Oregon. Tomorrow marks the first day of High Cascade Snowboard Camp for the 2010 summer and let me tell you….it’s gonna be a one heck of a summer. I went up the mtn to do some boarding and scope the slopes before camp kicked off and the snowpack is nothing less than absolutely amazing. There is more snow this year than any past summer I can remember, at least thats what it appears. Apparently the winds and the late season snowfall deposited the snow differently than typical years resulting in more coverage and deeper snow on the glacier and ultimately resulting in more slashing and bashing for us boarders! Summer shredding at its finest!


On my way up to High Cascade Snowboard Camp for a summer of action packed activities. It’s gonna be the best summer of all time, many posts to come. Its a long trek up to Mt. Hood so we stopped half way. Here’s a photo of our campsite on our way to the ultimate camp site…High Cascade! Camp on!

RIght Brain Left Brain teaser from Think Thank Productions


Just got a new skateboard, actually a new old skateboard. Steve Alba pro model, giant trucks, zip zinger wheels, nose bone, tail bone, and rails. The only thing thats better than skating is time traveling. Here’s some photos…enjoy!



Rail Grind!

Rail Grind!

Slash it!

Slash it!

Gettin barreled!

Gettin barreled!

Endless Winter

Today is May 28th and I can honestly say that I did something today that I’ve never done on any other may 28th…pow turnin and burnin! It’s been an endless winter here in Tahoe and today was no exception. We woke up to about two feet of fresh snow in the higher elevations and we knew exactly what to do, get out there and get some. Thank you mother nature for the best May 28th ever, I love you.

Happy B-Day

Surfs Up!

Yesterday Squaw valley USA held their annual pond skim event and it was entertainment at its finest. Here’s some photos of the action. Enjoy!

Tims Healthy Tip


Looking at this photo it doesn’t look like much. However this just might be the greatest invention of all time for the human body. Its called a foam roller and its just that, a piece of foam that you roll on. You can roll on it anyway you want on whatever feels tight or sore and after you’re gonna feel like a million bucks. These things rule, you rule, and not being sore rules!