Hood to Coast – K2 Women’s Alliance shreds Oregon.

Join the K2 Women’s Alliance on a journey from Mt. Hood to the coast of Oregon. Whether snow or surf these ladies draw inspiration from their surroundings and it translates into the latest K2 products. Enjoy the edit below and learn more at www.k2snowboarding.com/womens-alliance.

P.S. webisode #1 – Leanne Pelosi goes into the BC backcountry on a sled mission with the girls

P.S. WEBISODE #1: 2012 Hana Beaman, Robin Van Gyn, Leanne Pelosi are out in the Canadian backcountry searching for pow pow and good times. In this episode the girls run into some sled complications while they are out getting warmed up for the season.

A Carnival For Aaron Robinson Video Recap

Joined by hundreds of likeminded people from all over the country, K2 Snowboarding set sail from Seattle to Kalispell, Montana to pay our respects to a fallen brother. This last summer Aaron “A-Rob” Robinson passed away while smashing life down in the mountains of Chile.

Before he passed, one of Aaron’s dreams was to create a non-profit organization dedicated to helping underprivileged kids share his passion for snowboarding. Today, the A-Rob Plant A Seed Foundation is official and anticipated to start changing lives of Montana’s youth this winter season. As an effort to support Aaron’s foundation and thus improve the lives of kids nationwide, K2 Snowboarding built three custom Turbo Dream snowboards (A-Rob’s favorite) for a silent auction during last weekend’s carnival. Prior to arrival one of the boards was sold for $2,000 to a long time friend of A-Rob. In total, the three boards accumulated over $4,000 with 100% of the proceeds going directly to the foundation.

A special thank you to the entire Robinson family for making last weekend an experience that will never be forgotten. We love you so much, Aaron and will surely be getting barreled all season in your name. Say hi to Craig Kelly for us!

Share a few of your memories of A-Rob

Think Thanks: Episode 1 with K2 rider Chris Beresford

Episode 1: The first episode features Chris Beresford trying a switch double “kickflip” off some stairs in Alaska. Chris finds himself entering the black lodge where he must confront his demons. Good Chris went in, but who came out?

For the real deal action check out “Ransack Rebellion” available now at your local shop or on iTunes.

Full write up on Snowboardermag.com

Teaser for new Pirate Movie “Bottom Line” is out!

Waiting has been worth it. The teaser for the new Pirate movie BottomLine is out! Guess what board is Danny riding? Stay tuned for the premire tour! And hey, you better grab one of the books, 100 pages finest art. But you can get the movie on iTunes starting in October also….


    16.09.2011- Innsbruck, Austria, www.hafen.cc
    24.09.2011- Zurich, Switzerland, www.haertereiclub.ch
    29.9.2011- Vienna, Austria, www.wuk.at
    30.9. 2011- Salzburg, Austria, www.rockhouse.at
    30.9. 2011- Stockholm, Sweden,
    01.10.2011-Fieberbrunn, Austria, www.riverhouse.at
    07.10. 2011- Munich, Germany, www.crux.me
    08.10.2011- Stuttgart, Germany, www.bix-stuttgart.de
    14.10.2011- Feldkirch, Austria, www.poolbar.at
    15.10. 2011- Grenoble, France, www.snowboardgardenfestival.fr
    15.10. 2011- Kaunertal Opening, Austria, www.snowpark-kaunertal.com
    21.10.2011- Graz, Austria, www.postgarage.at
    29.10. 2011- Lienz, Austria, Tune in
    04.11.2011- Nuremberg, Germany, www.starsandstairs.de

To be confirmed: Oslo, Gothenburg, Moscow, Berlin, Modena, Cologne, Dresden, Warsaw, Andorra, Bucharest, Budapest, Zagreb.

New Zealand Rider Stef Zeestraten on his K2 Happy Hour

Cardrona Parks team ride Stef Zeestraten is due to go under the knife any day now. We took this opportunity to rip a few hot laps with Step through Cardona’s park befor he out of action.

Film Edit & Directed
Jase Hancox

Seattle Companies Spacecraft Collective and K2 Snowboarding Team up to Help Japan Tsunami Victims

On March 11, 2011 a 8.9 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of northern Japan causing a 23 foot tsunami to hit the coast. The resulting damage has left hundreds of thousands with out water, electricity and camped out in temporary shelters.

Now K2 Snowboarding and Spacecraft Collective have teamed up to help bring a little comfort to Japanese tsunami victims in need. Spacecraft has donated 1500 beanies and K2 Snowboarding is taking care of the shipping along with including several hundred t-shirts, hoodies and beanies.

Once in Japan the supplies will be distributed to relief shelters by Tsutomu-Endo, Japanese photographer and good friend of Spacecraft.

The other morning we picked up the boxes of beanies from Spacecraft and got a chance to check out their beach house office.

spacecraft and k2 snowboarding helping japan tsunami victims

Boa Snowboard Lacing Systems are SUPER Strong and Guaranteed for LIFE (Video)

The Boa Lacing System has been a staple of the K2 boot line for over 10 years now. Did you know their laces and dials are guaranteed for life? So confident in the strength of their cable they like to tow cars around with them in their spare time.

The video is a bit cheesy, pulling a semi with a boa lace system, but it does show there is nothing stronger on the market or guaranteed for life

How Strong is the Boa Lace? from Boa Technology on Vimeo.

We’ve tested the Boa Lace extensively in the lab.

From BOA:

Our 300+ member field test team has run it through the wringer (and up mountains, around dirt tracks, in blizzards, and through conditions that would make many people curl up and beg for mercy).

We even have a Lifetime Guarantee on the laces, just to back it all up.

Just in case you still questioned how strong the Boa Lace is, we created this video.

Behind the Scenes of the team photo shoot Mason Aguirre talks

Caught on the ground with his pants off, Mason Aguirre talks about the K2 facilities as he gets dressed for his photo shoot. I think he may have been drinking when he packed his snowboard bag.

2010/11 K2 Snowboard Team Video – AM Team – Part 1

2010/11 K2 AM Team shredding in the Team Vid!