Pirate Movie Production’s World Premiere of Hooked in Innsbruck Video and Post

HOOKED snowboard video world premier 2010 from Pirate Movie Production on Vimeo.

i7 teaser – “don’t panic!”

Isenseven – “Don’t Panic!” TEASER from Vincent Urban on Vimeo.

KBR Productions Homework Teaser

KBRPRODUCTIONS: HOMEWORK -Teaser from tuna baleon on Vimeo.

POV Edit. Alpental Closing Day. Good Time Vibes!

Click the Link below to check out the sweet vid. Seriously Do it now!

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Web Snack #1 From Respect Your Elders – Travis Parker Shreds the Dirksen Derby

Respect Your Elders (Web Snack #1: Travis Parker rips the Dirksen Derby) from Resourceful Gnome on Vimeo.

Video Hyper Shred is here!

So my girlfriend has been working on doing this t-shirt design for Pierre Wikberg over the last month or so and I kept asking her what the deal with VHS was? But in the last weeks I finally found out it is a new website/blog, but rather than give you my version (which would probably say this looks to be an amazing new addition to the world of snowboarding media that is flooding our lives), here is the low down from Pierre and Eddie (Wall):

California, March 26, 2010 — The goal of VHS, www.videohypershred.com, is to update videos and photos every single day of the season. The clips will be short, raw, and feature pro snowboarders, ams, legends, friends, skaters, girls, drunks, industry tools and animals. The site will include all types of snowboarding; film trips, fun laps, bangers, trick tips, archival footage, interviews, behind-the-scenes, hugs, high fives and much more.

VHS will be a great way for riders and companies to get their talent and image out to the public every single day. The creative possibilities are virtually endless and VHS aims to entertain everyone, whether they be pros, weekend warriors, kids, teens, fans, haters, or single women between the ages of 20 and 40.

The internet has changed the way snowboard videos are viewed. Declining dvd sales and growing online activity are signs that the old formula of how we film and view videos needs to change. Filming 200 days a year for a 2 min video part doesn´t make as much sense as it used to.

“Times are changing and we want to change with them. I feel like snowboarding has more to offer then a two minute video part at the end of the year. I just want to show people everything that is involved with snowboarding and this is the perfect way.” says Eddie. Pierre also comments “I have been filming for a long time and I am very excited to dive into something where I can combine my Facebook updating skills and my filmmaking.”

VHS is open to work with all snowboarders and companies.

In Color Rail Montage Video

Check out Transworld In Color “B” footage rail montage with K2’s Jake Kuzyk and Harrison Gordon, Jed Anderson, Louif Paradis, Tyler Verigin, and more.


Our board engineer is better than yours!

Tedore is coming out of retirement! Taking Holy Oly Hardest Charging Industry dude award this year. Check out the photo below and go to: SnowboarderMag.com for the full write up.


Oh and check out his throwback part from Neoproto at 4:34! Boom! Damn might as well just watch the whole thing.

Neoproto from sean tedore on Vimeo.

5 Trick Fix with Jake Kuzyk

Filming is underway for the new Transworld movie (name TBA).  Get your Trick Fix on with our boy Jake Kuzyk with friends Phil Jacques, Mark Sollers, and Greg Dejardins.

SixEleven goes to Ruby Hill

The SixEleven crew including K2 rider Erik Van Assche hit up Ruby Hill, check it below.

SixEleven at Ruby Hill from SixEleven on Vimeo.

See more at http://www.sixelevenproductions.com