Santiago Dreamin’

A trip into winter is the exact thing every boarder needs in the middle of August. Lucky for myself and fellow K2 team members Tim Eddy, Nick Dirks, Chris Beresford and Jordan Mendanhall we were invited to take just the trip, with the intention of shredding the Andes and shooting photos for the 2011 K2 catalog.

We stayed a few days in Farellones which serves as the “base” area to ski areas El Colorado and La Parva, and a few turns down some steeps will take you to the famous Valle Nevado.


On our third day we went to Chillan where we were greeted by the amazing Sebastian.  He showed us around his mountain Nevados De Chillan or “Termas” de Chillan, definitely my favorite ski area we went to on our trip. Alpine bowls to bitchin’ trees and hot springs somewhere in between.

Well, winter turned to rain turned to spring during our time in Chile but the experience was unlike any other. From the locals and their love of a  “todo bien” lifestyle to the pampered feasts of amazing array to the f***ing Andes!! to the stray dogs, Chile is a country I will not forget, and will not forget to go back to every summer….or wait, winter.


1-Extremely psyched to be on snow/in the mountains after a day of traveling

2-A short hike/traverse from the top lift at La Parva gets you to the newly named McConkey’s, in honor of thee late great legend of skiing and ski-basing Shane McConkey.
This spinal chord on the way to this “Xtreme” run reminds you (or at least me) of the sharp pepper rocks that may be lurking inches below the fresh snow.

3-Nick Dirks contemplating his addiction in the breakfast nook of the nicest hostel in the world.

4-Sebastion Goni and one of his lovers, La Rosa. Seba was the spirit of our Chilean experience; his hand-made house, his backyard, his lifestyle, his own take on the C-factor, his carve. the list could go on, he took amazing care of us…..Don’t worry, you’re with Sebastion.

5-hey TimEddy! How do you feel about dumper hits?
two thumbs up!

6-The sun sets every evening on the slopes of McConkey’s. nothing like ending a day with pink pow.

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