We went up to “The Spot” yesterday for some pre season antics. Pictured here is Will Tuddenham, Jon Kooley, Jake Welch, and myself. There were definitely good times had by all. As well as multiple high fives slapped.


Will T. With the elusive tail wheelie.


The man behind last seasons blockbuster Videograss…. THE Justin Meyer.


This is my favorite photo of the day. It looks like I handed the camera to Jakes dad. It’s the ultimate dad cam photo. Way to go son!


I came up on a good old fashioned back lip.


I wasn’t lying about the high fives, Jon just did something fantastic. It involved a 45o, a combo, and a double cork. That’s what’s up.


Chis Grenier came up late and came in hot with this switch front nose 270. There is a Edit going up on the Videograss sight any minute so check that shit foolz!


Check out that amazing style! Dear lord that is the most awful lipslide ever. You’re welcome.


Oh Snap! I made this monster truck costume for Rohen for Halloween. It’s grave digger and it’s kick ass!