Mt. Baker Opening Day

Bright blue skies, 25 degrees and 60+ inches of snow welcomed Mt. Baker into the 2009/2010 season yesterday. While kids around the country may have been stoked on their preseason rail/park riding, those attending Baker’s christening salivated to thigh deep pow turns and enough coverage to bomb cliffs without worrying about snowboard killing core shots.

Opening day at Mt. Baker is a surreal moment where future snowboard legends such as Peter Line and Russell Winfield intermix with Joe Shmoes like my transient friends and me. It’s a time when northwest riders gleam with enthusiasm, all sharing the same goal of riding powder again after a viciously boring summer. The coolest thing about this mountain is how stoked everybody is to ride. It’s not a fashion show here, in fact, it’s just the opposite. Those seen riding gear beat to shit wearing lumberjack flannel are perceived as the “bad asses” and are exactly the type of people who give Mt. Baker it’s exceptional crusty reputation.

I’m stoked and bummed at the same time to admit that yesterday was my first ever opening day at Baker; bummed because I’ve missed it the past four years but stoked that my time actually came. High fives and smiles were a plenty and if I could recommend one thing, it would be to experience Mt. Baker on opening day at least once. However, be aware, Baker is raw and rugged and if given the slightest opportunity, she will eat you alive. Happy white rooms!

Oh, and excuse the lack of quality photos I was too busy riding powder.



Peter Mullenbach
Mt. Baker Opening Day

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