Hey Guys,

The season is fast approaching, it sort of surprised me with the unexpected record dump in Whistler the last few weeks. It felt like such a great start to get the legs back.  Even though I’ve spent hours at the gym and trampoline this fall, the muscles were sore. I guess its to be expected when there’s all these little muscles you don’t even realize you’re activating.  I was going to try and film early season with Standard Films, but it started raining up on Whistler. BOO. All the way past the top of the mtn! As a pro snowboarder, your plans are always based on the weatherman, and since the weather doesn’t look like its improving I’m heading south to Colorado to ride park and learn some new tricks!  I’ve attached some pics of Whistler, riding with friend Hana Beaman. Ciao! PS I’ve been cooking a lot this fall, I’ll be posting recipes every week on