Leanne & Standard Films girls in Nelson BC

Hana Beaman, myself & Kimmy Fasani goofing off at Whitewater resort

Hana Beaman, myself & Kimmy Fasani goofing off at Whitewater resort

This year I’m excited to say that Standard Films has added a few more girls to shred in their latest film. Hana Beaman, Kimmy Fasani and Raewyn Reid are joining me in filming all season long, wherever the snow is good. It’s a breakthrough for women, I don’t think I can remember when I saw 4 girls in one of the biggest snowboard movies ever! Psyched.

Early January, our girls crew (Hana,Kimmy,me) planned to meet Aaron Whitley, Standard Films filmer in his home town of Nelson BC. The crew arrived on January 3rd, in hopes of finding some fresh powder and get our stomping legs going for the season! We struck gold powder wise, as a major storm had spread through the Kootenays during the holidays and was waiting for us to shralp it. So we headed off to Baldface for 2 days for a warm-up. We’d heard of a skier death that week from getting dragged through the trees in a small avalanche, so we were relieved to have the expertise of our guides, who took us the safest way possible down the mountain at Baldface. Thanks Jeff and Mark! The powder was epic, the perfect way to refresh the excitement for the season ahead.

One of the coolest things about Baldface, is that they are nestled in the middle of nowhere, so you can take a helicopter over the mountains and arrive at the 7 lodges, or you can take a boat from Nelson to a truck ride, to a sled ride to the cabins. There is so much logistically to think about, just for simple things like how they get their food up there. I kept re-iterating that I felt like I was a queen. Gourmet food, no hiking, deep pow, massage treatments, funny jokes from the guides, scrabble and pillow lines! No complaints here. That was the fanciest trip I’ve ever been on!

It was awesome, we made some jumps in the fog, snow, rain. Kimmy and I tried backflips and rodeos, Hana got a sick 7. Good practice for the coming months, yeahoo!

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