Danny Larsen enjoys travelling in the K2 BMW

While filming for the new Pirate Movie, hooked in the alps this year I was lucky enough to have a K2 BMW X1 to take me wherever I wanted. It didn’t matter if we had to go on drives that would take up most of our day. We would just chuck all of our bags in to the car, punch in the destination on the built-in GPS and cruise to wherever the snow was best with some newly acquired audio book or some music pouring out on the stereo. I actually couldn’t care less if I had to drive that far, I was happy too, it was actually pretty cool. It was also rather fun seeing all the other guys in our crew fighting to get a spot in the K2 BMW when we would go somewhere to shoot, haha!

– Washing the car. I promise that I helped out too and didn’t leave all the actual washing to my wife, it was a collaboration.

– On top of the Arlberg pass in Austria.

– On our way to Arlberg on a completely snowed in and very tight road.

– Classy, very classy.