Who Are Ya!? Julian Fürsinger

Meet Julian Fürsinger. He is a young up-and-comer from Switzerland who wishes he was Spiderman and thinks Jesus is “kind of a freak”. He rides with the style dial cranked way up, so look out for him cause he’s going to be making some noise through the shred-vine soon. Julian Fürsinger. Who are ya!? Who are ya!?

Who are ya?
I’m Julian Fürsinger, 19 years old, from Stans in Switzerland.

Who are your people?
My best friend Dominik Betschart, my brother Chrigu, all the guys from my hometown and the Ruffrokk crew.

Julian plants one proper! Andrecht in the bois Photo by Roman Eggenberger

Who are your heroes?
Spiderman and everybody who changes things in a positive way.

Who are your enemies?
I don’t know, but I don’t like arrogant people.

Who is your leader?
Haha, I’m happy to be my own leader.

Poppin’ methods in fields of fun. Photo by Marc Weiler

Who is your favorite?
My best friend Dominik, my girl Rebecca and my family.

Who do you shred with?
I like to shred with everybody who has fun. But most of the time I ride with Dominik. This year I was also in the US with the Shots crew and I realy like to shred with all of them.

BS 7 mute Photo by Marc Weiler

Who is your music?
I love all music genres but my favorites are Neil Young, Devil’s Gun, Hammerfall and Kronzeugen.

Who are you scared of?
I’m scared of rocks in the powder!

Who will you be in a decade’s time?
I will be someone who enjoys his life.

Back one with a kilo of steelo Photo by Marc Weiler

Who were you in another life?
Mr. Freeride, Jeremy Jones. Or a surfer.

Who can you always count on?
My mum and my dad, my girl and all my friends.

Tree slider in the forest over a pit of growling, blood-thirsty werewolves Photo by Roman Eggenberger

Who are the best riders right now?
I like JP Solberg, he has a super style, also Nicolas Müller and Gigi Rüf!

Who would be if you were a cartoon character?
Spiderman for sure!

Marking his turf on some mountain mozzarella Photo by Roman Eggenberger

Who is the last person you saw in a dream?
That would be Peter from Family Guy. Haha, he’s so funny and fat.

Who’s your favorite historical figure?
Jesus, I think he was a pretty nice guy and kind of a freak.

Here’s one more method for good measure Photo by Marc Weiler

Who are your sponsors?
Zimtstern, K2 snowboards, IS design, hä? and 3sixty boardshop.