K2 Fastplant Makes Snowboarder’s Best of Test

Snowboarder Magazine, after all its grueling efforts in testing 2011’s endless snowboard list has come to the conclusion that K2’s Fastplant is pretty freakin cool. Combining an industry first bamboo core with killer graphics from Don Pendleton proved benificial for …

Heyo! We’re here in El Colorado, which is also attached to resorts Valle Nevado and El Parva. Travis Parker, Gretchen Bleiler, Danny Larsen, Aaron Robinson, Jordan Mendenhall and myself are here to shoot the catalog for 2012, and also do …

Mtn. Biking Rules

Session 5 at High Cascade I took the Japanese campers on a mountain biking adventure. Its was amazing! Most of them had never been mountain biking before. There were some tears, some blood, and some mud but everyone finished with …

Here in Chile!!!

Hey Everyone, we got to Chile safe and sound…looks like we’re shooting our 011 catalog. The boards look insane!!! Got to see an amazing sunset today, and settle into the k2 house in Farallones. So stoked to check out this …

Who Are Ya!? Martin Seiler

Here’s a Swiss kid named Martin Seiler who charges but his name hasn’t gotten around much outside of CH. “Seili” has a huge appetite for powder and wishes he was Radioactive Man! Peep some pics and get to know him …

Road Trip with the boys.


So i wanted to do something awesome before my shoulder surgery. and this motorbike/camping trip was exactly what i needed. 1st day we had a late start ’cause Iikka’s bike would not start (some stupid fin left the key on …

Junk To Funk

Gretchen Bleiler stumbled upon a sweet project down in Portland. K2 Snowboarding and our riders truly embody eco-friendly production. “Trashion” seems pretty interesting; sparks memories of Zoolander with Will Ferrell.


"Trashion" Keep it grungy

"Trashion" Keep it grungy

Da Pirates ARRR back at it Again

“Hooked” is the newest teaser from Pirate Movie Productions, coming at you live from Snowboardermag.com. Watch for
Pirate of darkness and K2 super mega pro Danny Larsen’s new quadruple corks in the full feature.


Pirate of Darkness Danny Larsen - Bringing the park to the back country

Pirate of Darkness Danny Larsen