Road Trip with the boys.


So i wanted to do something awesome before my shoulder surgery. and this motorbike/camping trip was exactly what i needed. 1st day we had a late start ’cause Iikka’s bike would not start (some stupid fin left the key on overnight). He got a new battery and I hope he learned something. We started our trip in Encinitas, met up with Lauri in San Clemente and Joe Carlino in Santa Monica. We drove the Coast Highway the whole way to Ventura,Ca (170 mi). We got to the camp site in Ventura around 10.30. Got the bonfire going and Iikka started to put up his and Lauri’s tent and i thought that Joe would have a tent for us. I was like ” where is r tent Joe?”  He goes, “nah man, we r sleeping outside”.  So, had few beer by the fire and put down my little bike cover down for bedding and jumped into sleeping bag and started to catch some zzz’s.

Next morning packed up and headed northeast to a lil town called Ojai, Ca. Drove all kinds of mountain roads in Los Padres National forest and just enjoyed the warm weather and windy mountain roads. Stopped in some random biker bar for cold beers and some funny local biker stories. For example,  “some guy got kicked out few nights before for being too drunk. So the drunk then decided to put gun powder into the ashtray and when the next guy was about to put out his smoke he nearly lost he’s hand and set the bar on fire”. Classic move!

We started to head back to the camp site, stopped by the store for beers, burgers, and fire wood. While we where cooking up the burgers i spotted a three foot garden snake. And i am so terrified of snakes that it doesn’t matter if it’s a little harmless garden snake or a blood sucking rattlesnake. I was ready to leave knowing that i have to sleep on the ground. Then, next thing i hear from some other campers is how the raccoons like to dick around your camp site and will try to get into your shit! So great, here we r surrounded by snakes and raccoons. Around 11 pm Lauri and Iikka got into their tent and Joe and I had this picnic table set around the fire to try to be safe from the snakes and the ‘coons. i wake up around 4am freezing and the fire is out. So i put my head lamp on and try to re-start the fire. I get the fire going and look around with the head lamp and i notice i’m surrounded by seven raccoons. Here I am, knife in my hand, trying to make noise to scare them away. But they were way more interested in the party they were having at the garbage can next to r camp. Joe is so dead asleep, he’s not helping and Im just so terrified. I don’t know what to do. Iikka wakes up and sticks his out of his tent and tells me to get the fuck out of there and get into the tent. At this point it started to get funny ’cause the ‘coons were having the party of their life and Joe is just snoozing right next to them. Then Joe wakes up and yells, “there is fucking ‘coon’s out here” and falls back to sleep. Me and Iikka r just laughing and amazed how Joe just went back to snooze town and I picked up my tampons and crawled in to the tent.

Next morning we woke up early and packed r bags and headed back home. Drove the Coast the whole way again (185 mi). Left Lauri at he’s house in SC and rest of us still had the longest 30mins r life’s. Made it home safe but extremely tired. Even knowing that i had the shoulder surgery the next day i had one of the best sleeps ever. Surgery went very well and now Im just sitting on the ground shoulder rapped up watching golf and of course so high on pain killas!

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