Who Are Ya!? Martin Seiler

Here’s a Swiss kid named Martin Seiler who charges but his name hasn’t gotten around much outside of CH. “Seili” has a huge appetite for powder and wishes he was Radioactive Man! Peep some pics and get to know him a little better. Martin Seiler, “Who are ya?! Who are ya?!”

Who are ya? Who are ya?
I’m Martin “Seili” Seiler, 21 years old, out of Wallis, Switzerland.
Seili just shittin’ on gravity as he flips through the gap in the loop. Photo: Basti Gogl

Who are your people?
Everyone who has a positive attitude towards life.

Who are your heroes?
Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and McGyver
Follow the arrow. FS lien 180. Photo: Silvano Zeiter

Who are your enemies?
If I had to pick one, I would say time. There’s so much cool stuff to do and to see on our planet. Compared to that our time here is ridiculously short.
Rock to fakie on avalanches barriers out in Fiescheralp, this shit is eXXXtreme! Photo: Silvano Zeiter

Who is your leader?
I don’t like it too much when other people decide what I have to do, so I try to be my own leader.
Sometimes conditions get a little icy even in Switzerland. Photo: Andre Kremmer.

Who is your favorite?
Too many to mention just one.

Who do you shred with?
Everyone who likes to shred neck-deep powder instead of icy parks and wants to have fun.
Night flight up in Belalp, alley oop front 3 nose boner

Who is your music?
Pretty much everything from guitar-based music, hip hop to electronic stuff.
Remotely flipped at Jib Vid in Mayrhofen. Photo: Silvano Zeiter

Who are you scared of?
Avalanches and injuries.

Who will you be in a decade’s time?
Still me, I guess. ๐Ÿ™‚
Droppin’ off some wall that is older than Christ. Photo: Andre Kremmer.

Who were you in another life? Who the fuck wrote these questions? ๐Ÿ™‚ I have no freaking clue. Actually I’m pretty stoked on my current life, I never thought about a previous life before.

Who can you always count on?
My friends and family.

Seili hopping into some fresh vanilla frosting, FS 5. Photo: Silvano Zeiter
Who are the best riders right now?
Frederik Kalbermatten, Travis Rice, Jake Blauvelt.

Who would you be if you were a cartoon character?
Radioactive Man. He rocks!

Mega mushroom blast out in the woods. Photo: Silvano Zeiter

Who is the last person you saw in a dream?
Bud Spencer, we were kicking some guy’s asses in a bar.

Who’s your favorite historical figure?
JFK was probably a pretty interesting character.
Sending it off the tunnel in Simplon with a switch back 180. Photo: Silvano Zeiter

Who are your sponsors?
Rip Curl, Swany, Scott, Deeluxe, K2 Snowboards, Hรค-wear, Flux Bindings.

Check Seili out in Rip Curl’s new movie Welcome Home 2 coming out FALL 2010. Peep the teaser

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