Alyeska’s Our New Home

Our crew has just sat down for some dinner at Alyeska Resort just outside of Anchorage, AK.

After a blue bird day played host to the King Of The Hill, the sun soon was hidden by a good-ole-fashion Alaskan blizzard. They call it a “mega low” pressure system which socks in, pukes snow, and doesn’t let up for possibly weeks on end.  In an effort to keep shredding we picked up and drove back through Anchorage to Alyeska Ski Resort for some tree riding.

Upon arriving, the people at Alyeska were extremely accommodating so without hesitation we quickly laced up our swampy boots and hit the lifts. Sunshine and pow helped liven up the day as well!

Check out this first photo of ARob’s line in King Of The Hill. The absolute straight line through the lookers right shoot is it. His second line was the exact same but switch. SCARY!