Success In Alaska

As I sit here in the Anchorage airport waiting on my flight to depart my attention is easily distracted. It is currently blue here in Alaska and the surrounding snow covered mountains bring my thoughts right back to the gypsy tour we recently embarked on. From Valdez to Turnagain Pass, our crew consisting of K2 riders Kyle Miller, Aaron “A-Rob” Robinson and friends Early Reynolds and Chase A.K.A. Goose, spent the last week shredding the best conditions available.

As you may have heard, Alaskan weather is hit and miss where snowboarding quickly becomes a game of predicting weather windows and shredding every possible sunny minute available. As Thompson Pass socked in we packed up and made our way back towards Anchorage before our RV transformed into a snow cave. Yesterday, our final full day in Alaska we met up with some buddies from Tailgate and rallied snow machines out to Turnagain Pass for untouched pow lines.

If it’s 3,000ft surf turning pow runs you crave, Alaska has it. If it’s unlimited airs into steep wide open powder fields, Alaska has it and if it’s mind blowing, exposed spine runs that’ll have you wishing you were anywhere except the top of the run, Alaska has that as well. The amazing work of Mark Sullivan and Nick Perata has given thousands of people the opportunity to achieve their dream snowboarding trip and to be completely honest, it’s much more achievable than you think. Start saving your money for next year because I promise this trip will change your life. Maybe we’ll see you up there next year!