Girlie Camps in Les Deux Alpes, France

What are your plans for the summer? Wanna ride on one of the highest ski areas in the
world? Don’t miss the opportunity to go crazy at an altitude of 2800 to 3600 m, on the
largest skiable glacier in Europe.
This summer GirlieCamps organizes the ultimate snowboarding week for all you girls who
can’t stop thinking of boarding just because the calendar says July. This year we will be
joined by K2 -rider Alicia Bonnaud.
What is included in the camp
? Accommodation, apartments 4-8 person, and you make your own food
? 6 days of lift tickets
? 5 days of coaching
? Coaching and snowboarding with K2 riders
? A dinner at a restaurant
? A goodie bag from our sponsors
? Lesson about safety on the mountain and on the slopes.
? Video analysis to keep up with your progress
? Girlie Snow Compendium
? Sister- and Brother party with Brotherhoodcamps
Information and booking
For more information and booking go to Tell your
friend/boyfriend/brother that he can join brotherhood camps on
Camp dates
The camp takes place July 2-9 and July 9-16