Pow Slash photo contest by nwBroweather

The guys at nwBroweather are holding another pow slash contest and we threw in some gear for the winnings.

Send in your best pow-slash photo to photo@nwbroweather.com for chance at winning!

Here’s how to win:

Go do the one universal trick that all snowboarders can do–slash pow. Have your bro/girlfriend snap a photo of it and send ‘er in. After we’ve received enough photo submissions we’ll get a gallery going. Photos will be judged by a select group of heavily intoxicated veteran pow slashers after which a winner will be decided.

What makes a winning pow slash photo? Ef if we know. That’s where you come in.


  • photo must be a pow slash.
  • photo must be from this year.
  • photo must be from the Northwest US. No shit from Chile.
  • include rider name, photo name, location optional.
  • contest will run for next few storm cycles or so.