A-Rob is my life coach

I believe it’s special when someone can remember the exact moment they met another person. As I run through my list of friends these exceptional encounters are evident and all have their unique qualities, which have lead to great relationships.

Five years ago after finishing a last run through the Alpental backcountry, we came to rest in lot 4.  With a beer in hand and the sun on its way to sleep, a kid, eager to take one last lap up chair 1, interrupted us. Rockin a smile from ear to ear and more energy than I can ever imagine after a pow day, this individual persuaded our crew into a sunset hike and moonlit powder run through Alpental’s Chicken Chute. My legs burned; my physical body had hit the wall but the enthusiasm from our leader kept me going. After a 30-minute hike we surfed some of the best turns the day had to offer. This was the evening I met Aaron Robinson. Aaron was not only stoked to shred powder but he was stoked to watch his friends shred powder as well and it showed as he hollered when one of us smashed through the white room.

Most recently Aaron and I shared a weeklong trip through Alaska. From Turnigan pass to Tailgate AK, A-Rob continued to show me how to live. His philosophy on boardin’ and life in general has become a staple for which I will live my future. You see, A-Rob’s passion and enthusiasm for adventure was contagious and when witnessed first hand, one had really no other option but to be encapsulated by his energy.

To Aaron’s family and friends… Thank you for supporting a man who had such a positive effect on everyone he met. A humble person who’s touched all of our hearts, Aaron will surely be missed but never forgotten!

Aaron Robinson, you are my life coach; we love you, homie!

-Peter Mullenbach

A-Rob hauling balls! P: Jeff Hawe

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