Jeff Lujan is going to Whistler for Free

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past month you know that K2 Snowboarding released a bangin web series in collaboration with Whistler and Snowboarder Magazine entitled Seek & Enjoy Sessions. Four edits were released along with a teaser and each edit provided a chance to win free Seek & Enjoy swag along with one grand prize for a free trip to Whistler during the 2014 season.

Well folks, Jeff Lujan has done it, he has been randomly selected out of the 350+ entries (through excel “=RAND” formula) as the lucky duck to visit Whistler on Whistler’s dime and he couldn’t be more stoked. The contest “I snowboard because…” presented tons of incredible feedback on why you all choose to snowboard. They’re inspiring to say the least and honestly remind us of our own situations here at K2.

Here’s what Jeff had to say, “I like the freedom, the cold air on my face and the crunch of the snow under my deck. I like the fact that there’s only myself to compete with, no one else. The mountain is my mistress and she tends to treat me well. But every now and then, she shows me what she’s capable of… And that’s fine with me. It comes with the territory.” Amen Jeff we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

K2 Snowboarding would like to thank Tourism Whistler for sharing their incredible piece of earth and Coast Blackcomb for their comfortable hospitality during the filming of the Seek & Enjoy Sessions. We had a blast and will be back for more in the near future.

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