K2 Tripod Technology: Re-Thinking Baseplate Tech

Tripod Tech

In the market for a new binding? Looking for one with a free and natural connection to your board? We’ve got ya covered. K2 is stoked to introduce Tripod Technology, the  most bio-mechanically correct snowboard binding baseplate possible. One that naturally flexes enhancing the connection and force applied to your board and features three contact point pods that coincide with the three points of contact in your foot provide direct connection for toe and heel side turning and pressure. The end result an incredible connection to your board providing you the ultimate riding experience with support where it’s needed most.

Inspiration for our K2 Lien snowboard binding was rooted in classic design related to motorcycles, truck grills, cameras and minimalist consumer products old and new. The large circular cores relate to old school hot rod / trucker steering wheels which have a simple machined-out look. The circular cores are also great visuals elements that directly relate to the circular bushings on the bottom of the chassis and TRIPOD technology. Overall, the aesthetic is meant to look light, tough, and modern. If you still need convincing check out all the tech specs HERE.

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