Our Pro’s Favorite Spring Shred Spots

mark wilson_boreal spring

Mark Wilson: Boreal Mountain, CA – Boreal is a really fun mountain all season, and definitely my favorite resort in the spring time. You can always count on sunny weather, and they have one of the best maintained terrain parks you will ever ride. It is a small resort, so with a high speed quad on the park you are getting a ton of laps in a day!

levi_fred kalbermatten photo

Levi LuggenSaas-Fee is my favorite spring resort because of its elevation and the glacier you can find light pow until late in the season. At the same time there is a nice little snowpark and of course tons of slushy sidehits lower in the resort. Raddest thing about it: you can combine all these three things in one single lap.


Leanne PelosiWhistler is my favorite resort since I first went to summer camp when I was 18. Something about it made me want to stay past my one year “break” in between finishing school. This is a picture of the creekside parking lot after shredding for the day just to show an example of when it dumps, it puuuuuukes!!! Even late in the spring this isn’t a rare occurrence.


Antti JussilaRuka Ski Resort has been one of my favorite spring resorts since I started riding. Always tons of possibilities what to ride. Everyone gathers there for end of season to shred the best park in Finland.

tim eddy

Tim Eddy – My favorite spring resort is the Sierra Nevada backcountry. With the long days, good weather, and stable snow pack you can splitboard amongst the mountains full of private peaks and glorious corn powder!


Yo Amagai – My favorite spring resort is Niseko, and also it is wonderful during the Spring season in the Hokkaido area. In Hokkaido, the snow accumulation is plentiful and there are many mountains which have gentle slopes so you can enjoy a variety of lines. Such slopes become awesome terrain in Spring, many of which are very severe, with people getting stuck in the coldest period of winter.


Jody Wachniak – Whistler Blackcomb is by far my favorite place to be boardin’ come spring. The vibes on and off the mountain are unreal and there’s so much different terrain to board in one lap. From side hits, to groomers, to surfy banks, to the park, Whistler Blackcomb has it all. Love this surfy paradise. 


Janne Lipsanen – My favorite ski resort is Ruka, Finland. I live in Helsinki and every year when the weather gets too warm  and resorts close we’ll head up to north Finland. The park is always really fun and they keep it in the good shape. I just love the vibe in there. Really long daylight, many friends, slushy snow and always good parties.

taylor g

Taylor Godber – Whistler Blackcomb slushy hit laps with friends can’t be beat!

rodway:desireemelancon photo

Alex Rodway – My favorite place to ride in the spring, which is Brighton Resort. Brighton has some of the best nooks and trannys out of bounds or during spring laps in the resort. This place might seem small at times but it’s a never ending scavenger hunt with new terrain around every corner.