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Mark Wilson Dropping In on the Fastplant – P: JP Walker

The Silent Killer. K2 Snowboard Team Rider Mark Wilson is a soft spoken ripper hailing from northern Minnesota after spending his young years in tropical Hawaii. Mark’s calm demeanor shows through in everything he does; whether he’s cooking you a meal, cruising around Portland, Oregon on his bike, or strapping into his snowboard. Mark’s the kind of friend you can count on to be by your side on those 5am wake up calls or those late night street missions. His work ethic is incredible and he pushes the envelope harder than most while remaining calm, collected, and friendly as can be.

We sat down with Mark to get a glimpse inside that head of his and put together a list of some of Mark’s favorite things in our first installment of a new segment, RIDER INSIDER

First 5 Things You Do In The Morning:

  1. Press Snooze
  2. Coffee
  3. Smoothie
  4. Breakfast
  5. Take a Shower

5 Songs You’ve Been Listening To Lately:

These are the last 5 I added on Spotify.

  1. Grandaddy – Now It’s On
  2. Dramarama – Anything, Anything
  3. A-Town – I Need a Bird
  4. Suburban Living – Lovely Times
  5. Spinning Coin – Albany

5 Favorite Meals You’ve Been Cooking Up:

  1. Veggie Scrambles. Eggs + a TON of vegetables.
  2. Fish Burritos
  3. Smoothie Variations
  4. To-Go Sandwiches
  5. Salads

5 Essentials for Summer Snowboarding:

  1. Sunscreen!
  2. Tons of Water
  3. Sunglasses or Goggles are a MUST
  4. Wax
  5. Rain Jacket – Hey. you never know…
@derreklever FS wallride to boardslide Washington copy

Frontside Wallride to Back Board – P: Derrek Lever

5 Best Things about Summer in Portland (Oregon):

  1. The Weather
  2. Skateparks
  3. Rivers
  4. High Cascade Snowboard Camp
  5. The Oregon Coast

5 Tricks that get you a letter in SKATE:

  1. Switch flip
  2. Nollie flip
  3. Inward Heelflip
  4. Backside Flip
  5. Nollie 360 Flip

5 Homies, 1 Van, 1 Location – Who’s In & Where You Going?

We’re going to Puerto Rico

  1. Tommy Gesme
  2. Tilly (aka Colton Feldman)
  3. Tanktopdaddy (aka Brett Wulc)
  4. Gnarly D (aka Derrek Lever)
  5. Dr. Zoom (aka Parker Szumowski)


Lastly…anyone NOT invited?: Most aren’t invited, but a couple other Funny correspondents could be added to that list above.


Want to watch more of Mark Wilson’s snowboarding? Follow Mark over on Instagram and pick up a copy/download “Visitors” from Videograss to watch Mark’s full part from the last two winters.


Learn more about Mark’s favorite K2 products; Fastplant SnowboardFormula BindingDarko Boot


Mark Wilson Pole Jammin' - P: JP Walker

Mark Wilson Pole Jammin’ – P: JP Walker

Keep the winter stoke alive all summer long.

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