Rider Insider: Leanne Pelosi

Get Inside The Mind of Leanne Pelosi

There are very few women in snowboarding that have had the same impact as Leanne Pelosi. With a career of ripping that spans well over a decade, working with brands to develop new product and make the experience of being in the mountains even better, and possessing equal talents both in front of and behind the camera, it’s no wonder Leanne has stood the test of time. An advocate for safety in the backcountry and an advocate for ALL of women’s snowboarding, Leanne plays a huge part in pushing the limits and bringing up the next generation of female riders (i.e. Full Moon Films). We reached out and got a quick lowdown from Leanne in this edition of K2’s RIDER INSIDER.

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First 5 Things You Do In The Morning

  1. Hit snooze on my alarm at least once.
  2. Check the snow report.
  3. Check Instagram even though I try to avoid it.
  4. Brush my teeth.
  5. Make coffee.

5 Songs You’ve Been Listening to Lately

  • First Aid Kit- When I Grow Up
  • Arcade Fire – Electric Blue
  • Arcade Fire – Good God Damn
  • Years Around the Sun – Miles Away Acoustic Edit
  • William Onyeabor – Atomic Bomb


Leanne Pelosi - Method

Cranks a Method at the Summit | P: Colton Jacobs

5 Favorite Meals You’ve Been Cooking Up

I’m in between living in my camper and my winter rental so I haven’t really cooked at home lately… but here’s where I’ve been:

  • Pikolo Coffee, Whistler
  • Mount Currie Coffee, Whistler
  • Zoe’s Coffee, Ucluelet
  • Samurai Sushi, Whistler
  • Cantina, Whistler

5 Essentials for Early Season Snowboarding

  • Get Educated: Avalanche refresher course with Dakine heli pro.
  • Work Out: Go split boarding on my Northern Lite. No matter how much I work out nothing compares to early season leg-torturing hikes.
  • Yoga: not only does it work wonders for your hip flexors but it also gives me so much mental clarity.
  • Kayla Itsines APP: Such good HIIT workouts for early season prep.
  • Snowboard Movies! Depth Perception got me stoked. And watch FULL MOON on Redbull.tv if you haven’t seen it!


Leanne Pelosi Handplant

Grey Hoodie & Grey Sky | P: Colton Jacobs

5 Favorite Things About Living in Whistler

  • Such a good vibe; so many like-minded people choosing to live the good life instead of city life.
  • Pillow lines and the backcountry access
  • Peak Chair
  • All the dogs
  • Sushi Village

5 Tricks that are your Kryptonite

  • Switch Backside – Anything other than a 180
  • Backflips – It always takes me one or two tries before I really nail them
  • Frontside Boardslides – Those were always way scarier than 270’s onto rails… for me. Ha!
  • Backside Rodeo 5 –  I’ve done a back rodeo 7 before, but landing switch into pow would be really cool… and more difficult than the 7.

5 Friends, 1 Van, 1 Location: Who’s In & Where Are You Going?

Jeff and Brendan Keenan, and whichever girlfriends say “yes” first, because there’s too many to fit into one van… And we’d go to interior BC to ride the powder highway!

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