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The Turn Speaks for Itself. Curtis Ciszek at Grand Targhee Resort. | P: Colton Jacobs

When the conversation about getting involved with Curtis Ciszek came about, it was a no brainer for K2. Curtis is widely known as a well-rounded human being, a ground-breaking “film” editor, a shotty craftsman, a Northwest local, and an incredibly talented snowboarder, surfer, mountain biker, surfer, fisherman, and so much more. All in all…Curtis rules, and we couldn’t be happier to have him as part of the family. Even more excited that we have a place to crash when we head to Bend and explore the incredible resort that is Mt. Bachelor.

We wanted to give you a little insight into Curtis’ life – but instead we opted to get his take on his hometown of Bend, Oregon. A town where outdoor enthusiasts and pro snowboarders have been flocking to for decades, but have decided to keep quiet. Not quite city, not quite resort town, not quite suburbs – Bend is surrounded by incredible terrain, hefty snowfall, and endless activities. We shot Curtis over an email and he hit us back immediately with a couple of notes on how to experience Bend like a local if you get lucky enough to visit the Pacific Northwest’s snowboard-mecca.

Redman | P: Colton Jacobs

  • Best Breakfast Spot
  • Best Lunch Spot
    • Super Burrito. They make a MASSIVE bean, rice, and cheese burrito for $2.50.
  • Go-To Cheap Dinner Spot
    • Parrilla. Tacos and a PBR tall boy for under 10 bucks.
  • Pulling Out The Wallet for a Fancy Dinner Spot
    • 900 Wall. Ex-pro shred Marcus Egge owns and works there. Some of the best food in town and amazing cocktails.
  • Go-To Nighttime Spot to Bring The Crew When They’re in Town
    • Cascade West. We call it the “club house,” it’s an old school bar on the west side of Bend.
  • Date Night Drink Spot
    • Velvet downtown. Fancy cocktails. Cool atmosphere. Enough said.
  • Quality Mountain Biking
    • Mt. Bachelor to Bend. There are a ton of trail systems – I think Tiddlywinks or Tyler’s traverse are the most fun.
  • Fishing Holes you Can’t Beat (did you know that Curtis is a pretty serious fly-fisherman?)
    • Too many to list. When the steelhead show up, the Lower Deschutes is my favorite.
  • Best Late Season Snowboarding
    • Mt. Bachelor stays open late and the spring shredding is always epic.
  • Best Early Season Splitboarding
    • Either the cone at Mt. Bachelor or Tumalo Mountain which is directly across the highway from Mt. Bachelor. Both have minimal rocks on the faces and are perfect for early season shredding without too many core shots.

For more information on Curtis, make sure you follow him on Instagram and stay tuned for more ripping from him as we approach Winter 2018. Curtis spends most of his time riding the ENDER Boot, The LIEN AT binding, and a brand new board that we’ll reveal in the fall. Stay tuned…

Yep – that’s a big ol’ frontside shifty on a Simple Pleasures. | P: Colton Jacobs


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