Summer Boardin’ Essentials

Melissa Riitano Switch Front Blunt 270 at Woodward Copper | P: Ted Borland

Melissa Riitano Switch Front Blunt 270 at Woodward Copper | P: Ted Borland

Summer can be the best time of the year to ride your snowboard. Hot laps on the towrope, learning new tricks, and shredding with your favorite pros are just a few exciting things to look forward to at summer camp. Wherever you’re shredding this summer, here’s a few summer boardin’ essentials that you should have with you on the hill day-after-day.

Sunscreen – Hot temps, high UV indexes, and reflective snow are all key ingredients to a serious sunburn. Lather on some SPF so you can ride the whole session without worrying about a peeling goggle burn. (Little tip: Apply a second time half way through your day to ensure you didn’t miss any spots)

Sunglasses or Goggles – Grab a pair of goggles with a dark lens to protect your eyes from those harmful UV rays. If you’re running too hot, or if goggles aren’t your thing… keep your eyes protected with something like Side Surfers. Go the D.I.Y. route and slap some stickers on the side of your sunglasses if you don’t want to break the bank.

Sean Neary, aka Dee Snider, going full twisted sister with this big crail grab. | P: Tyler Benton

Water Bottle – Don’t let dehydration slow you down. Keep the energy high and the progression present all day by drinking enough water! Grab a gallon at the gas station and reuse it or bring your own reusable water bottle.

An Extra Layer…or Two!  – Summer shredding is awesome when the temperatures are warm and the sun is shining. Even when the clouds and weather come in, stay out with your crew by bringing a couple extra layers when the breeze starts to hit.

Snacks on Snacks on Snacks – You can’t go wrong sitting on your snowboard eating a classic PB & J with the homies while the diggers rake the park. Make sure you bring enough food to fuel you throughout the day and keep you hungry for tricks not a turkey sandwich.

Jake. Testing. At High Cascade. | P: Tyler Benton

K2 Camp Hat  – Keep your head covered with our K2 Camp Hat. Its polyester and nylon combo easily wicks sweat when you’re hiking a rail. This Pacific Northwest-Approved hat is lightweight and perfect for on and off the hill.

Backpack – Unless your snow pants come with HUGE pockets, don’t forget to pack a backpack to hold all your other summer camp essentials! Keep your extra snacks, your extra layers, a pair of extra gloves (always a good look), and more all in one spot.

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