Jake Kuzyk in Whistler BC with Videograss

Whistler keeps getting pounded by big snowstorms followed by windows of glorious sunshiny days. These are the conditions that snowboard film crews dream about. We celebrate the bounty with Jake Kuzyk at the Videograss mancamp in Whistler. Just look at …

Kr3w/Alaska Trip. I know this is old news, sorry.


All of the Kr3w homies in the van. We have Jon Kooley, Nick Dirks, Shred Anderson, Will Tuddenham, Jake OE and Brown.


Lance Hakker, Captain of the ship.


Battle at the berrics 2. Yeah that’s right. Yes I know this …

VideoGrass & Pretty Good Movie Premiere in Provo

Videograss and Nice Try movie premiere

Title: VideoGrass & Pretty Good Movie Premiere
Location: The Loft
Description: Rage films presents ‘Pretty Good’ with Snowboarder Mag’s ‘VideoGrass’ Snowboard&Ski double feature.

The Loft
177 W. Center St
Provo, UT

Doors open @ 7:30 PM
All Ages
$5 with …

Airblaster and Videograss Premiere

Title: Airblaster and Videograss Premiere
Location: Havana – 1010 East Pike St – Seattle
Link out: Click here
Description: What are you doing on September 23 at 9pm? If you’re in Seattle, I do hope you’ll be attending the Videograss, …

Trip To Mt Hood Part 2

So last night the VideoGrass Premier went down at camp and guess what?  It was AWESOME!  There were tons of kids and the actual world premier is tonight in Portland.  Not only was the movie good, but I got to …